G&A Insurance: “Let Us Be Your Personal Shopper.”

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Goal: Develop a creative campaign to introduce and market the existing partnership between G&A Insurance and Northeast Credit Union (NECU). The audience was identified as NECU members with active commercial accounts.



Approach: Using the imagery of a brown paper grocery bag and a grocery list, Marcom4 paired it with common phrases associated with grocery shopping. Marcom4 was able to make the association that G&A Insurance can be your “personal shopper” who shops the best insurance plan on your behalf.


Results: A targeted direct mailing was sent out as a simple 4″ x 9″, double-sided 4-color card in a brown craft paper #10 envelope closed with a G&A Personal Shopper seal. G&A Insurance wanted to give the recipient the impression that their business was worthy of a traditional postal service mailing. In addition, an eBlast was sent to over 2,000 NECU members.


The campaign was so widely embraced, that a complementary campaign with the same content, branding, and imagery was created to target previous G&A Insurance customers, “Lost in Aisle 5.”