CUTTER, founding partner

jcutter@marcomfour.com / 603-817-2752

With more than 25 years experience in media advertising sales, campaign design, and public relations, Jane Marlow Cutter thrives on the creativity that drives business growth and success. Jane’s honest sales approach, personal availability, and exceptional service have paid off for her clients, who have seen their reach widen and revenues multiply, independent of economic trends.


What Jane brings to Marcom4 is the ability to thread theme, message, and the look of a campaign and translate final product into increased sales for clients.  She is interested in the psychology of the customers and focused on hitting the motivator buttons.  She works directly with sales staffs to establish benchmarks and focus on new sales streams.  She enjoys arming sales staffs with useful information and presentation pieces that will help close the deal.


Jane’s alma mater is Central Michigan University, where she focused her studies in journalism, advertising, public relations, and theatre performing arts.








KNOWLES, founding partner

aknowles@marcomfour.com / 603-264-2643

Andrea Knowles has seen the metamorphosis in the communications industry from the front lines. More than 20 years ago, she started in radio sales. Soon thereafter, she established her career with marketing and advertising agencies in their production aspects. For just over 15 years, she worked with a local full-service marketing and public relations agency, handling production, website integration, social media implementation, video production, and all forms of media buying, including online, print, radio, TV, and outdoor transit.


For Andrea, the key to a successful media campaign is an understanding of a targeted audience. From conducting needs analyses to creating a strong branded visibility and public recognition through media relations and community partnership projects, Andrea manages campaign production by leading and analyzing the initial focus groups to brainstorming ideas, creative strategizing and finally working through follow-up and analysis. Andrea’s current work focuses on new media in a changing climate, and she’s at the forefront of capitalizing on original opportunities.


Andrea holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of New Hampshire.







PORTER, marketing coordinator

bporter@marcomfour.com / 207-446-2344

After a career in the non-profit world, and most recently in the research industry, Bethany joined Marcom4 as their Marketing Coordinator. Prior to joining Marcom4, she worked for a survey research company in Portland, Maine.  A graduate of Southern New Hampshire University in Manchester, NH, Bethany is excited to be back living and working in the Granite State. She leverages her experience to focus on project coordination for both client and Marcom4 marketing projects, account management, social media, and researching market trends.